Head office 416 461 9257 Gateway 905 625 6973

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We wish to make the credit union as accessible as possible to all our members. If you have any suggestions or feedback please contact any branch manager or a member of our Board of Directors. Your first point of contact can be an email to infounited@unitedcu.com

Eastern Ave Branch & Head Office

Address: 964 Eastern Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4L 1A6 Canada

Telephone: (416) 461-9257

Toll Free: 1 800-894-7644

Fax: (416) 461-8141

E-mail: infounited@unitedcu.com

Staff list:
Yves Ah Chin Kow - C.E.O  Ext 28

Anita Co - Member Service  Ext 31

Catherine Liu - Member Service Ext 30

Miriam Duffy - Member Service Ext

Loans & Mortgages - Ext 25


Address: 4567 Dixie Rd.
Mississauga, ON
L4W 1S2 Canada

Telephone: (905) 625-6973

Toll Free: 1 866-999-9290

Fax: (905) 625-5895

E-mail: wlee@unitedcu.com


Staff list:
Winnifer Lee - Branch Manager  Ext 57
Colleen Seawright - Member Service Ext 58

Board Members

Robert Brown

Ken Fong

Joanna Hartanu

Nick Sioukas

Glenn Smith

Dennis Trian

Christopher Williams